Team FALKEN wins second race of the "Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2017“

The FALKEN team, headed by Yoshihide Muroya, which entered for the Red Bull Air Race scooped a win in the second leg of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2017 in San Diego / USA. Delivering a great performance among the top eight, Muroya secured a place in the finale and had a further opportunity to show off his high-precision flying expertise. The first to race, Muroya got off to an outstanding start, dominating his competitors throughout and notching up a time of 58.529 seconds. The FALKEN pilot's victory brought the team up to third place overall in the Master Class category of the World Championship. The new design of the aircraft created a stir; in the San Diego race Yoshihide Muroya debuted the classic FALKEN colours, infusing the company's brand values of passion and advanced technology with life. “We're delighted that Yoshi and his aircraft triumphed in their global design debut in the classic FALKEN colours and became true 'Masters of Excitement'", enthuses Stephan Cimbal, Head of Marketing at Falken Tyre Europe, about the team's success. "The iconic combination of turquoise and blue is the same as we use for our BMW and Porsche racing cars, and the outline of the craft represents the wings of a hunting falcon in flight – the ultimate in speed and precision."