FALKEN reveals a new look for the Nürburgring 24h-Race

The FALKEN tyre brand used two film teams, six cameras, three quads, a helicopter and a DJI drone to produce over 30 hours of footage from the ADAC 24h-Race at Nürburgring. The Falken Porsche and Falken's pit crew were the stars throughout the filming. Footage was shot using the digital cameras RED Epic Dragon in 6K RAW format, RED Raven in 4.5K RAW and ARRI Amira. The camera units amassed 13 terabytes of raw footage (equivalent to 2,765 DVDs worth of data), which were cut down into a four-minute clip premiered today by FALKEN throughout its social media channels. The video presents the chronological sequence of events at the race, from start to finish – in which the Falken Porsche came in ninth overall, once again the fastest Porsche in the field. The on-board cameras delivered spectacular footage capturing the crowded starting grid and the heroic performance of both tyres and windscreen wipers during the Nurbürgring's notorious downpours. This year the Green Hell's infamously unpredictable weather created a uniquely mystical atmosphere in and above the densely forested Eifel region, which adds a fascinating touch to the film. The video is continuously cut with never-seen-before aerial shots, which create a stunning impression of the circuit and the constantly changing weather conditions during the race. The Falken Porsche was tracked by the helicopter and drone throughout from a lofty perspective and portrayed during various driving manoeuvres, looking as tiny as a model car far below. The three quads covered over 200 kilometres of off-road travel and enabled the film crew to access events and locations that superbly captured the thrilling atmosphere on and next to the race track – for example, the Falken Porsche accelerating out of a curve and into the straight, and the part played by the FALKEN tyres in the manoeuvre. A pit stop is also a highlight of the video, showing preparations for the stop, the tyre change and refuelling processes, but also enabling viewers to feel the highly charged atmosphere in the pit at hight. “Falken is already famous for its films of the 24h-Race, and many fans can't wait to see the new videos. This year we aimed to outdo ourselves and took up new perspectives, delivering aerial photography of groundbreaking quality and focusing on emotions and the performance of man and machine", says Stephan Cimbal, Head of Marketing Europe, in describing the video release.