First ever ‘Platinum  Partner’:  FALKEN Tyres  strengthens  its engagement  with  FC Ingolstadt 04

The Japanese tyre manufacturer FALKEN, who has been one of the Premium Partners of the 'Schanzer' since last season, has now extended its engagement with the club. The new agreement is for the upcoming season and includes a significantly enlarged communication package. 'With the international tyre brand FALKEN, we have had a strategic partner in our ranks since last year. This partnership has been enriching for FCI and we are extremely pleased that we have been able to intensify this cooperation', said Franz Spitzauer Managing Director Finance and Marketing at FCI. 'The Platinum Partnership with FALKEN is a major step in further advancing our internationalization strategy as part of our sponsoring activities." The new partnership includes a significant expansion of TV-relevant advertising tools (including interview backdrop and flashboard presence). In addition, FALKEN will become more active in the digital domain as well as reaching out into other channels. FALKEN is the first ever partner in the newly created 2nd level 'Platinum Level' of the sponsoring hierarchy at FC Ingolstadt 04. 'For the brand FALKEN as well as for our company, it has been a very successful first season with FCI. In addition to the excellent reach out of our advertising in and around the AUDI Sportpark, we decided to enlarge our sponsorship in order to gain more possibilities for brand activation', says Markus Bögner, Managing Director Falken Tyre Europe.