Falken Azenis FK510 is among the top 5 in auto, motor und sport’s big premium summer tyre test

In summer tyre tests held by major German auto magazine auto, motor und sport, the FALKEN Azenis FK510 was ranked among the best tyres for upper midsize class vehicles. The tests were conducted using 245/45 R 18 Y size tyres fitted on a BMW 5 Class Touring. FALKEN's Azenis FK510 delivered particularly impressive performance in wet conditions; the high-end tyre achieved a braking distance of only 29.40 metres in an emergency stop on wet asphalt from 80 km/h. The Azenis FK510 also scored highly for its stable cornering force and assured behaviour in aquaplaning conditions. But FALKEN's flagship tyre also returned great results for braking on dry asphalt; in an emergency stop from 100 km/h, it brought the BMW to a standstill after only 36.40 metres. The Azenis FK510 also picked up points for driving comfort, likewise outclassing many competitors. The auto, motor und sport testers' extremely positive impression was rounded off by the tyre's good price/performance ratio; they gave the Azenis FK510 an overall rating of “Recommended". “We're delighted about this great rating", says Andreas Giese, Manager Product Planning at Falken Tyre Europe, about the test. “Our high ranking in this tyre test once again proves the success of our advanced development and testing processes. The Azenis FK510 is the flagship model in our new generation of high-end tyres, with its innovative rubber compound and advanced design. It's the ideal choice for all drivers seeking top driving dynamics and top performance."