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Falken is committed to being a more environmentally friendly tyre manufacturer. Falken and its parent company will play a key role in supporting the tyre industry's shift to becoming more sustainable for generations to come. Since 2008, Falken has been producing tyres using 97 per cent non-fossil materials and aims to produce long-lasting tyres made entirely from sustainable materials by 2050.

To support this, Falken is making the most of the resources to create tyres by making them lighter, opting for more virtual testing and trialing the use of hydrogen boilers to reduce CO2 emissions in its manufacturing processes.

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#drivingourfuture is our way into a sustainable future

We now have an opportunity for greater ecological and social change. With #drivingourfuture, we will promote a carbon-neutral future with innovation and skill.

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Social Corporate Responsibility

#falkenfam for a better society

The wellbeing of our employees and society are important to us. By acting in a socially responsible way, we can improve the quality of life of today’s and future generations.

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Corporate Governance

Transparency and integrity for a sustainable company

To win and keep the respect and trust of all our stakeholders, we have implemented and will maintain transparent and efficient corporate governance.

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SUMITOMO tree planting initiative worldwide

  1. Fiscal 2020: 19,240 trees planted
  2. Only 15,000 trees were planted in Indonesia through the “Team ENASAVE Green Project”
  3. 2,400 trees through the „1 Pair for one Love“ proceeds from sales of rubber gloves for trees on the island of Boneo – in order to protect orangutan and other endangered species.
  4. Planted acorn trees and provided seedings: Fiscal 2020 4,070