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FALKEN AZENIS FK510 - third place in the big AUTO BILD Summer Tyres Test 2019

For the third year in a row, Falken has achieved an “exemplary” rating in the key AUTO BILD Summer Tyres Test. The AZENIS FK510 scored another podium with third place in the renowned test that reviewed 51 225/45R17 91/94 W/Y tyres on a BMW 1 Series.

According to the renowned publication, ‘Balanced driving characteristics on both wet and dry roads, sporty and dynamic dry handling and good deceleration on wet roads’ were highlights from the independent testers after experiencing the AZENIS FK510.

Falken’s tyres performed strongly in the initial wet and dry conditions braking test that decides which 20 tyres go forward to the main test. Stopping distances from 100 km/h (dry) or 80 km/h (wet) for Falken were 29 m and 36 m, ensuring it qualified easily for progression. Here, the Falken tyres were able to demonstrate their abilities of being able to offer sporty handling without compromising safety: In the dry, the AZENIS FK510 was only 0.6 km/h behind first place with a speed of 117.4 km/h and 2.1 km/h ahead of the bottom tyre in this category.

In the aquaplaning and wet handling test, the Falken’s AZENIS FK510 achieved strong results. The difference in the aquaplaning speed between the first place and last place tyres was exactly nine km/h (99.7 km/h vs. 90.7 km/h). In this category, the Falken tyres finished fifth with 95.6 km/h. During aquaplaning whilst cornering, the Falken tyre, with 3.18 m/s lateral acceleration, was exactly in the middle of the determined values (3.53 m/s2 vs. 2.83 m/s2). In the wet handling, the Falken tyre was 2.1 km/h behind the best and 2.8 km/h ahead of the last place tyres with 74.4 km/h average speed, securing seventh place in this category.

“We are pleased to add to our ongoing successes with this excellent result,” says Markus Bögner, managing director and president of Falken Tyre Europe. “This shows once again, that we can perform in this competitive environment.”

This year, the Y and (Y) FALKEN AZENIS FK510 range is being expanded, with a further 16 sizes to now offer 89 versions across 17 to 21inch diameters and 25 – 55 profile.

Only least year, the AUTO BILD editors named the FALKEN ZIEX ZE310 “exemplary” at the big Summer Tyres Test 2018.

This year, the FALKEN AZENIS FK510 is being expanded by 16 sizes and will then be available in 89 sizes, 17 to 21 inches, in the series 25 - 55. It has the speed symbol Y or (Y), which means that the tyres have been approved for speeds of up to 300 km/h or > 300 km/h.

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