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FALKEN sponsor of E-Mobility Days Munich

Falken is one of the sponsors of E-Mobility Days Munich, which are taking place on 3 and 4 May 2019 in the Bavarian state capital. Not only are specialist lectures on electromobility included in the programme, but the participants also have the chance to take electrically powered vehicles for a test drive on the test track, and to go on a tour through the laboratories of Bundeswehr University, where alternative drive technologies are being researched.

The organiser of the E-Mobility Days is the Bavarian start-up VOLABO GmbH, which last year won the German mobility prize for its electric drive ISCAD. With its intelligent control software, ISCAD ensures a constant adaptation of the motor to the vehicle’s load profile and therefore allows a better utilisation of the battery capacity. Falken tyres are the ideal companion for this: the Volkswagen Touran equipped with the ISCAD software is fitted with Falken tyres Ecorun AA. This is a tyre especially developed for hybrid vehicles which has particular optimum rolling resistance, thanks to its use of the latest technologies. The Falken tyre is therefore especially fuel-efficient and ideal for passenger cars with alternative drives.

Dr. Bernd Löwenhaupt, Managing Director of Sumitomo Rubber Europe GmbH, will be presenting the Smart Tyre Concept during his lecture as part of the event. This concept focuses on the development of a new tyre technology which takes into account the safety as well as the environmental aspects of a new tyre. The technology, which was awarded the “Tire Technology Award of the Year” in the spring, analyses the wheel speed to record information on the road condition and the tyre load. These data are aggregated and analysed with different cloud-based information. These comprehensive data and algorithms are then used to detect and prevent potential risks resulting from the road or tyre condition. The SENSING CORE Tire Sensing technology is therefore a key technology which contributes to the realisation of autonomous driving and of a safer mobile society.

“Regardless of which drive technologies prevail in the medium term, current particulate matter and diesel ban discussions show that we must think about alternative drive technologies. We know the requirements of the automotive industry very well, and are confident that we can soon provide the ideal tyre, which we are developing by using our latest technologies”, says Dr. Bernd Löwenhaupt, commenting on his participation in the event.

Falken will also be bringing a little fun: while various alternatively powered vehicles and their relative technologies will be present at the event, Falken will be presenting a branded e-cart in the typical teal-and-blue colours, belonging to the fleet of the e-cart track in Frankfurt which should be opening in autumn 2019.

Alongside Falken, sponsors will include Bundeswehr University Munich, FEAAM GmbH and Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern.

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