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Tyre brand FALKEN is joining forces with Tanski, the tyre dealership based in Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) region, to sponsor the Youth Indoor Football Cup tournament held by football “talent factory" Fußballfabrik Ingo Anderbrügge.

In the tournament, held at Marl Soccer Hall on 13 January 2018, teams aged five to eight from twelve youth football clubs in NRW will battle it out in ten-minute rounds on two pitches.

FALKEN's sponsorship will include not only banner advertising, beach flags and a FALKEN pavilion; in addition, the company is providing each competing team with ten footballs and protective shin guards to encourage safe play. “Sponsorship opens up a whole new range of opportunities to transform football into an immersive experience. The teams are travelling to this event from all over Germany, demonstrating their allegiance to the Fußballfabrik. We would like to thank them for their supportive collaboration over our Indoor Football Cup, and look forward to a successful and fair tournament", comments Holger Möbuß, Partner Manager at Fußballfabrik Ingo Anderbrügge, on FALKEN's commitment. “We are currently expanding our active role in sponsoring football, in addition to our existing motorsports sponsorship activities. Given this, we were delighted to become partners for this tournament", says Jürgen Koch, Director Replacement Germany at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH, adding, “In 2018, we also plan to sponsor thirty football camps throughout Germany with Fußballfabrik Ingo Anderbrügge."

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