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WILDPEAK M/T – FALKEN’s new off-road tyre

High tech that’s equal to every adventure

Offenbach am Main, May 2018

Tyre brand FALKEN announces the launch of the WILDPEAK M/T, an ultimate offroad tyre designed to deliver driving pleasure, safety and reliability to the max in all kinds of terrain.

The WILDPEAK M/T is the only tyre in the FALKEN product portfolio that is tailored to the exacting demands of off-road drivers for safe, secure traction, stable sidewalls and maximum grip.
Offset shoulder blocks provide added traction, even in rugged and challenging terrain and steep gradients. Integrated step-down supports prevent stones from lodging in the tread and thus impairing traction, and ensure superb grip even in stony or muddy conditions. The aggressive design of the upper sidewall protects the tyre from sharp stones and enhances off-road traction in even the most extreme situations.

“The WILDPEAK M/T offers discerning off-road, pickup and SUV drivers all the benefits of our new Mud Terrain tyre design”, explains Markus Bögner, Managing Director and COO at Falken Tyre Europe. “It showcases Falken’s ability to provide outstanding solutions for both road and off-road fans.”

The WILDPEAK M/T is manufactured at SRI’s Thailand plant, one of the most modern tyre factories in the world. The tyre will be launched in eight popular sizes with Q speed rating for travel at up to 160 km/h. All sizes have M+S and POR markings and were designed using Advanced 4D-Nano technology. The WILDPEAK M/T will make its debut at Tire Cologne at the end of May and will be available from dealers from October 2018.

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