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Proven quality Falken winter tyres for cars and SUVs now in new sizes

In perfect time for the winter season, the Falken EUROWINTER HS01 is now available from tyre dealers in 99 sizes instead of its previous range of 66 sizes. The tyre therefore covers all the most widely used sizes. The SUV version, the EUROWINTER HS01 SUV, has likewise been expanded from ten to 39 different sizes for the coming winter season.

The Falken EUROWINTER HS01 has been impressing drivers since April 2016 with its outstanding grip on snow, ice and slush, superb aquaplaning resistance and excellent directional stability. The impartial testers from German automobile club Allgemeiner Deutschen Automobilclub (ADAC) and its Austrian counterpart, Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touringclub (ÖAMTC), awarded the Falken EUROWINTER HS01 high marks in their 2017 winter tyre tests for aquaplaning in both the longitudinal and lateral categories (rated 1.5 and 2.0 respectively where 1 is the highest mark). Tested in size 195/65R15 91T, the EUROWINTER HS01 won the testers’ approval in snowy and dry conditions, where the test vehicles distinguished themselves with relatively short braking distances in both cases. The EUROWINTER HS01 received an overall ranking of “Recommended” from both the ÖAMTC and the Swiss Touring Club.

Falken has marketed this successful winter tyre in a SUV version since autumn 2017 under the name EUROWINTER HS01 SUV. The SUV model retains the characteristic tread design of the EUROWINTER HS01, but features a casing that has been optimised to the requirements of SUVs as heavyweight, often extremely powerful vehicles with a high centre of gravity.

The EUROWINTER HS01 is available in rim sizes from 13–20 inches and a range of 99 sizes in speed ratings H, V and W.

“The success of our winter tyres for cars, and now also for SUVs, is clear proof that our choice of uniquely innovative technologies in our tyre development has paid off”, says Markus Bögner, Managing Director and COO at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH. “We have responded to high demand by expanding our portfolio, adding further sizes to capture a greater share of the market. And these tyres are naturally included in our special ‘Falken Says Tanks’ sales promotion”.

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