The FALKEN AZENIS FK510 is awarded a “very good” rating by sport auto

“Very good” was the final verdict of the editorial team for the FALKEN AZENIS FK510 in the 04/2021 issue of sport auto. The team of critics put two UUHP and six ultra-high performance tyres under the microscope, which were respectively tested on a BMW Z4 and a Toyota Supra, each with mixed tyres: with the 225/35ZR19 at the front and the 275/35ZR19 at the rear.

The FALKEN AZENIS FK510 was the best for handling in wet conditions: the critics placed the Falken tyre among the leaders in this category “with its very good controllability and slightly better grip on the braking zones of the road surface.” Just one centimetre behind the best, the Falken tyre came in at second place in this category with a braking distance of 34.2 metres at 80 km/h on wet asphalt.

The results of the test drives on dry asphalt were also impressive: the braking distance of the FALKEN AZENIS FK510 on dry asphalt proved to be an impressive 23 centimetres shorter than the average braking distance in the tested group. The Falken tyre also convinced the critics by scoring eight out of ten points in each of the categories of “subjective lane change safety” and “subjective handling”.

“This is the third very good rating for our AZENIS FK510 this season, which we are very happy about,” comments Andreas Giese, Senior Manager Corporate Planning and Product Planning. “The results are impressive proof that our best-selling tyre delivers a very good performance and that drivers don’t have to make any compromises, especially in terms of safety.”

The FALKEN AZENIS FK510 has been available at retailers since 2016 and is now available in 96 different sizes, 17 – 22 inches in the series 25 – 55. It is approved for speeds in excess of 300 km/h.

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