Bikes for the #Falkenfam

Falken offers its employees bike leasing options

Falken Tyre Europe GmbH now allows its 200 employees in Germany to lease bicycles or e-bikes: Since March, Falken has offered a company bike leasing cooperation with the provider eurorad Deutschland GmbH. This makes it possible for the Falken workforce and members of their households to obtain a usually expensive e-bike or other high-quality and roadworthy bicycle at a low price and with tax relief. The use of the leased bicycles is not limited to journeys to and from work; the bicycles can also be used privately by the lessees.

For a long time now, travel by public transport has been subsidised for Falken employees, an offer that has met with great enthusiasm since its introduction. In addition, to meet the employees’ desire for a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle, bicycle leasing was introduced. This fits in very well with Falken's comprehensive health programme. As well as other health-promoting measures, the company also provides discounted offers at selected fitness studios, swimming pools and bouldering halls via “qualitrain” for instance.

Another item on the list for more sustainability relates to business trips: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Falken first virtually suspended business trips in the last two years and then reduced them by almost 80 percent. These measures have shown that certain business trips can be replaced by modern communication channels. Even after the pandemic, business trips will be reduced and used more consciously, environmentally friendly means of transport will be used for the necessary trips and short-haul flights will only be used in exceptional cases.

The inclusion of electric vehicles in the Falken service vehicle fleet, fitted with energy efficient Falken tyres, of course, also counts towards the reduction of CO2 emissions. For example, next year Falken will launch the first tyre for the electric vehicle replacement business, the Falken e.ZIEX.

“The great demand for the job bike shows that we have met a need,” Jürgen Steuer, Manager of Human Resources and General Affairs at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH, is pleased with the response. “Environmental aspects and rising petrol prices probably played a role in the decision to get a job bike. However, for our employees, the possibility to work from home at Falken even after the mandatory home working rule is lifted is the essential relief: there are no journeys to work, this saves financial resources and also protects the environment.”

Only last year, Falken was one of 15 Offenbach companies to receive the “UFF” award for family-friendly companies for its mobile work model.

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