Falken presents its new UHP all-season tyres – offering a ‘sporty driving experience’

Offenbach, May the 9th, 2023 - In recent years, all-season tyres have become an increasingly popular option for drivers and fleets. With the new EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO, Falken Tyre Europe GmbH is now offering an outstanding extension of its range in this category – designed specifically for high-performance vehicles.

Initially available in 46 sizes spanning 17 to 21 inches and cross-sections from 35 to 65 with speed index options including V (up to 240 km/h) and W (up to 270 km/h). The EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO features an asymmetric tread pattern designed to offer both grip and a quiet and smooth ride.

Falken’s product development focussed on ensuring the tyre would offer a good all-round winter performance. Performance was assessed in wet, wintery conditions with superior grip levels targeted for slushy and snowy carriageways.

To meet these requirements, a synergistic all-season tread was created to provide a balanced performance in all driving conditions. Engineers developed an inner running surface optimised for snow and slush, which, when combined with the outer tread, provides optimum performance in both wet and dry conditions. Intelligent interactions between these two tread areas gives the EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO’s mix of a sporting driving experience with heightened safety.

The new product’s tread boasts a uniform outer shoulder and two wide tread grooves throughout the circumference of the tyre – which ensure particularly good water drainage and minimise the risk of aquaplaning.

To ensure good grip and traction when accelerating or braking on snow, step-down tread grooves are arranged on the inside in an offset configuration. In addition to the fine profile recesses, additional grooves ensure both good grip and precise handling by gripping and compressing the snow.

Understanding the needs of high-performance car drivers, Falken has optimised the design of the tyre with an improved contour. The EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO’s construction prevents deformation of the running surface caused by centrifugal forces at high speeds – meaning the contact patch with the road is maximised. As a result, driving stability remains outstanding – even at high speeds – and the response between steering and braking remains high.

In internal comparisons of the AS220 PRO against an internal reference product, the new product not only sets the standard for wet and dry handling – as well as safety at high speeds – but also impresses in terms of its effects on fuel consumption, therefore reducing CO2 emissions.

Falken’s special advanced 4D NANO design technology ensures lower wear rates and a longer lifespan of the tyre. The label values for the EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO – which have not yet been fully defined – are B and D for fuel consumption/rolling resistance, B for wet grip and B for noise emissions, depending on the tyre dimensions.

With appearance also an important factor when it comes to high-performance vehicles, the EUROALL SEASON AS220 PRO boasts an aerodynamic sidewall design and attractive nano-black inscription.

With XL rating, all 46 dimensions have high load-bearing capacities. Eight out of the EU’s top ten dimensions, and eight sizes specifically used for EVs are included in the programme for the new UHP all-weather tyre – with most also equipped with a rim protection strip.

Falken’s tyres are developed and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality. Should the worst happen, Falken’s warranty provides protection and, depending on the residual depth of the tread, this warranty compensates customers for product defects for a service life of five years.

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