Falken impresses with its very good price-performance ratio

In a price-performance analysis, the editors of NEUE REIFENZEITUNG magazine asked the question of whether an expensive tyre provides the corresponding performance, or whether, conversely, tyres in “cheaper price categories” come close to the performance of the top candidates. The authors of the study concluded that the tyres from Falken which were put under the microscope achieved a performance of well over eighty percent, but at only seventy percent of the price - in comparison with the reference tyre, which scores 100 percent in both categories.

In 2019, the Falken price was 72 percent and the performance was 85 percent, while in the following year, the Falken price was some 30 percent lower than the reference tyre on average, although the Falken tyre was just 14 percentage points behind the reference tyre in the performance category, at 86 percent.

For their study, the authors completed an analysis of all the “passenger car and SUV tyre tests published in 2020 in the German automotive magazines, by the automotive clubs and by the test organisations (...) in comparison with the corresponding ratings from the previous two years”. Upon the conclusion of their study, the authors state that considering the price-performance ratio can certainly be of benefit.

The Falken tyres are rated with an excellent price-performance ratio time and again. This was most recently the case in the summer tyre test 2021 recently published by AUTO ZEITUNG magazine, which not only gave the Falken AZENIS FK510 the rating “highly recommended” but also a “price-performance recommendation”.

“We aren’t surprised by our excellent outcome in this study,” says Andreas Giese, Senior Manager Corporate Planning, commenting on the article. “It is once again clear that we are playing in the premium league when it comes to the quality of our tyres, and that we don’t have to hide behind our competitors.”

The full article is available here: (Available in German only)

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