Place on the winner’s podium for the Falken AZENIS FK510 SUV in the big AUTOBILD Allrad summer tyre test of 2022

“Convincing driving characteristics on wet and dry road surfaces, dynamic handling, precise turning performance, short braking distances”. Such are the strengths that the testers at AUTOBILD ALLRAD attested to the Falken AZENIS FK510 SUV in their 2022 summer tyre test. Ten summer tyres and one all-season tyre in the 235/55 R 18 dimension were put to the test, a size which is ideal for the popular compact class SUVs.

The Falken tyre was awarded top marks in the wet braking and wet handling categories as well as on the wet circuit. This is no coincidence, as thanks to a uniquely high-performance tread pattern, the large-volume, specially-arranged circumferential tread grooves ensure a rapid water displacement and highly efficient drainage. In addition to this, the wing sipes on the outer edge optimise the contact area of the tyre around curves, and therefore penetrate wet surfaces even more effectively: functions which also contribute to aquaplaning safety.

The ratings in individual off-road tests are also impressive, especially for traction in sand and handling on gravel. In each of these categories, the Falken AZENIS FK510 SUV was awarded the second best ranking. A special ACP tread is responsible for the good performance. This Adaptive-Constant-Pressure tread ensures a uniform degree of contact pressure and therefore a constant shape of the tread contact surface. This means that the contact surface is evenly loaded, which leads to added adhesion and therefore to a high degree of directional stability and an even wear pattern. An even wear resistance not only protects the environment, it also protects your wallet.

Overall, the Falken AZENIS FK510 SUV came in at third place in the rankings with a rating of “Good”.

“We are pleased that we were able to perform so well with our tyre in this highly competitive segment,” says Velizara Lilova, Team Leader Product Planning at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH about the result. “Satisfied customers aren’t the only ones who repeatedly attest to the high quality of our tyres. Once again, this highly-regarded test has shown that our tyres meet the exacting demands that are placed on a premium tyre.”

The Falken AZENIS FK510 SUV, which is factory-fitted to the Porsche Macan and Mercedes-Benz G-Class, is available in 53 dimensions, from 17 to 22 inches, in the 30 – 65 series. The tyre is approved for speeds from 210 km/h to over 300 km/h.

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