Falken AZENIS FK520 rated as “highly recommended” and awarded with a price-performance recommendation in the summer tyre test by Auto magazine

The Falken AZENIS FK520 hasn’t just been rated as “highly recommended”, it has also been awarded the “price-performance recommendation” in the summer tyre test by Auto magazine.

The testers stated that the Falken tyre has a “decent grip” and “only moderate load change responses” on wet surfaces. In the dry section of the slalom course, the independent testers from Auto magazine praised the “decisive and precise” steering direction, and highlighted the strong handling, which was very close to the top times achieved by the first-placed products.

These characteristics are no coincidence; after all, an aramid reinforcement means that the Falken UHP is structurally stronger and therefore less likely to lose its formability. This not only results in improved driving stability and a more precise turning behaviour; the low formability also pays off in terms of the wet and dry grip.

The conclusion reached by the testers was consistently positive, which is also reflected in the “highly recommended” rating. Last but not least, the Falken AZENIS FK520 was awarded the accolade of “price-performance tip” – as the tyre always remains within “striking distance of the top products” at a “fair” price.

“This test clearly shows that our concept for launching a tyre with premium characteristics at a fair price-performance ratio is working very successfully”, says Andreas Giese, Chief Corporate Officer at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH, who is pleased with the result. “Especially in times like these, it is good to know that safety and driving comfort remain affordable, and that nobody has to go without them.”

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