Sumitomo Rubber Industries wins “Tire Technology of the Year Award” for “Performance Sustaining Technology”

Groundbreaking technology utilising hydrogenated polymer recognised at award ceremony in Hannover

Falken Tyres’ parent company Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd (SRI) has won the “Tire Technology of the Year Award” at the Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence. SRI’s “Performance Sustaining Technology”, which makes use of hydrogenated polymer to extend tyre life, was recognised at the event in Hannover, with the award presented to Dr Bernd Löwenhaupt, SRI Europe’s managing director.

The “Performance Sustaining Technology” from Sumitomo suppresses the tyre wear and natural degradation that occurs over time, allowing tyres to perform over a longer period of time. This is possible thanks to the adoption of hydrogenated polymer, an advancement made possible using “Tyre Leap AI Analysis”, an AI Technology and “Advanced 4D Nano Design” to shed light on the molecular-level mechanisms that cause tyre wear and degradation over its life.

“Performance Sustaining Technology” is a key pillar of Sumitomo and Falken’s “Smart Tyre Concept” which is used to develop tyres and peripheral services that aim to make gains in the safety and environmental friendliness of its tyres.

“This award is the result of collaborative research between our group, our suppliers and other research institutes, and so I would like to thank and share credit with everyone who was involved. My special thanks go to Dr. Toshio Tada and to the ENEOS Materials Corporation team,” said Dr Löwenhaupt in his acceptance speech. “SRI has recently proclaimed a long-term sustainability policy toward the realization of a sustainable society. Moving forward, we will continue to accelerate our research and development activities so that we may apply our advanced materials technologies in order to create innovation that will contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society.”

This is the fourth time that Sumitomo Rubber Industries has received the “Tire Technology of the Year Award” following previous awards for its “4th Generation Run-Flat Tire Technology” (2010), “Advanced 4D Nano Design New Materials Development Technology” (2017) and “Sensing Core Technology (2019).

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