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If car owners wish to make modifications to tyres/rims that diverge from the original vehicle combination, they must obtain official approval of the changes. Roadworthiness test centres and inspection agencies permit specific deviations from the OEM models. However, to ensure the vehicle’s roadworthiness – and insurance coverage – is not impaired or lost, these deviations must be documented. Complete the Tyre Approval Certificate form and click Send to transmit the form to Falken. For more details of the information required, see Part 1 of the vehicle’s registration certificate or its CoC /EC Certificate of Conformity. A Falken Tyre Approval Certificate confirms that the tyres listed can be operated safely under the conditions specified by us (air pressure, load, impact, rim dimensions, maximum speed). Please note that we are unable to provide assurance of the suitability/admissibility of the tyre/rim combination on the vehicle in question with respect to electronic control systems (e.g. ABS, ESP), all-wheel suitability, driving properties, free movement or any tachometer adjustment required. In these cases we recommend obtaining confirmation e.g. from the vehicle manufacturer, vehicle inspection centre, tuning company or vehicle expert. (*Required fields)
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