Core Seal Technology

The CORESEAL technology prevents the loss of air pressure due to punctures, which makes it into a straightforward solution for remaining mobile in spite of a puncture. The technology is based on a sealant which is inside the tyre, and which is particularly viscous and very adhesive. If the tyre is damaged in the area of its tread, when a screw, a nail or another foreign body with a diameter of up to five millimetres penetrates the tread, for example, the sealant flows into the damaged area and thereby prevents a further loss of air pressure. This way, CORESEAL not only ensures improved safety by maintaining the tyre inflation pressure, it also saves energy and resources, as there is no spare tyre impinging on the energy balance of the vehicle. In general, the use of a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is recommended when using CORESEAL tyres, as well as the immediate assessment of any damage by a tyre specialist.

CORESEAL technology is already in production in the latest EUROALL SEASON AS210 all-season tyre, which utilises it to prevent air leaks caused by tread damage and eliminates the need for a user to carry a spare tyre.