NEO-T01 is a recently developed Falken production system for manufacturing ultra-high-precision runflat tyres. In NEO-T01, each tyre is built around a precision moulded metal core known as a ‘former’ in the exact shape and size of the finished tyre’s interior. What makes this method so special is that the tyres are manufactured using a ‘ribbon’ method, which wraps the tread and sidewall material around the former to extremely high-precision specifications without any overlapping or joins, and without the need for additional manufacturing tolerances. The dimensions of the raw tyre correspond exactly to those of the completed product; there is no deformation of the compound during vulcanisation. All the components are assembled fully automatically by the computer-driven system. NEO-T01 thus raises the bar for quality and consistency in the serial production of premium tyres.

NEO-T01 production process technology has played a big role in developing our extended mobility tyres, with the manufacturing method in use at our production facility in Shirakama, Japan. With the ability to produce lighter and more dimensionally consistent tyres.