High performance for broad applications

  • Outstanding grip

  • Low drive-by noise

  • Improved rolling resistance

  • Tailor-made for sporty drivers

  • Also available as ZE914A Ecorun to fulfil OE market requirements

Product Portfolio

  • 15 Sizes

  • 16 – 18 Inches

  • Series 40 – 65

  • Speed index: H / V / W

EU Tyre Label Class

  • B – C

  • A – B

  • A – B

  • 67 – 70 dB

Dry Performance

Wet Performance


Fuel Efficiency

Low Noise

Advanced tread profile

Product feature:
  • Asymmetric 5-rib profile design

  • Rapid and highly efficient water evacuation

  • High-speed stability

  • Outstanding aquaplaning resistance

  • Supreme driver confidence in wet conditions

Pattern noise optimisation

Product feature:
  • Integrated phase-shifted profile bars

  • Actively supresses high frequency road noise

  • Quieter, more comfortable ride

Broad outside shoulder design

Product feature:
  • Large block structure linked to a circumferencial bar

  • High stiffness in shoulder design highlights the handling performance of the tyre

  • Optimised traction and direct steering feedback on dry roads

Available Sizes

Size LI/SI Mobility Technology MFS Info EU-Label Page
215/65R17 99V B A B 70 OE VW Tiguan EU Label
215/65R17 99V B A B 70 OE Audi Q3 EU Label
205/60R16 92V C A A 68 OE VW T-Roc EU Label
205/60R16 96V XL C A A 67 OE VW Touran EU Label
215/60R16 95V B A A 67 OE VW Passat EU Label
215/60R16 95V C A B 69 OE Skoda Superb EU Label
215/60R16 99V XL B B B 70 OE VW T-Roc EU Label
225/60R16 98V C A B 69 OE Seat Ateca, Skoda Karoq EU Label
225/60R17 99H C A B 70 OE Jeep Compass EU Label
195/55R16 91V XL C A A 69 OE Seat Ibiza, VW Polo EU Label
215/55R17 94V C A B 70 OE Seat Ateca, VW T-Roc EU Label
215/55R17 94W C A A 67 OE Skoda Superb EU Label
225/55R17 97V C A B 70 OE Seat Ateca, Skoda Karoq EU Label
225/45R17 91W C B A 67 OE Toyota Corolla EU Label
225/40R18 92W XL C B A 68 OE Toyota Corolla EU Label
Fuel efficiency°
External rolling noise°
Wet grip°
Value (expressed in dB(A)) for external rolling noise°

°In accordance with EU regulation 2020/740

Recommended application
Additional application

LI = Load index

The load index is a numerical code indicating the maximum load a tyre can carry.

SI = Speed index

The speed symbol shows the maximum speed permitted for the tyre under load.


Professional Offroad


Rim Protection

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