Designed to perform in the most unforgiving winter conditions

  • Increased number of canyon sipes

  • Wider tread blocks

  • Cross slots boost snow traction

  • Rough tread surface increases ice traction

  • New 4D-Nano Design technology enhanced compounds

Product Portfolio

  • 20 Sizes

  • 13 – 18 Inches

  • Series 40 – 80

  • Speed index: R

EU Tyre Label Class

  • D – E

  • D – E

  • A – B

  • 69 – 71 dB

Winter Performance

Wet Performance


Tread Life

Ice Braking

Low Noise


Product feature:
  • Expanded asymmetric tread zone with increased number of canyon sipes and cross slots

  • Boosted ice and snow traction

  • Highly efficient water evacuation capabilities

  • Enhanced safety and performance in wintry conditions

  • First-rate aquaplaning resistance


Product feature:
  • Significantly increased number of canyon sipes

  • Higher block stiffness plus extended number of biting edges

  • Upgraded snow and ice traction, enhanced handling as well as even wear pattern


Product feature:
  • Truly circular profile, with enhanced sidewall flexibility

  • Communicative and consistent handling response while cornering and under quick load changes, lower rolling vibration

  • High levels of driver confidence and comfort, short braking distances, enhanced overall driving properties

Available Sizes

Size LI/SI Mobility Technology MFS Info EU-Label Page
175/80R14 88R D D B 71 EU Label
165/70R13 79R D E B 71 EU Label
175/70R13 82R D D B 71 EU Label
165/70R14 81R E E B 71 EU Label
175/70R14 88R XL D E B 69 EU Label
185/70R14 92R XL E E B 69 EU Label
175/65R14 86R XL D E B 69 EU Label
185/65R14 90R XL D E B 69 EU Label
205/65R15 99R XL D D B 69 EU Label
205/65R16 95R D D B 71 EU Label
185/60R14 82R D D B 71 EU Label
195/60R16 89R D D B 71 EU Label
205/60R15 91R D D B 70 EU Label
225/60R16 102R XL D D B 69 EU Label
185/55R15 86R XL D E B 69 EU Label
195/55R15 89R XL D E B 69 EU Label
195/50R16 84R E D A 69 EU Label
235/45R17 97R XL D D B 71 EU Label
245/45R17 99R XL D D B 71 EU Label
235/40R18 95R XL D D B 70 EU Label
Fuel efficiency°
External rolling noise°
Wet grip°
Value (expressed in dB(A)) for external rolling noise°

°In accordance with EU regulation 2020/740

*Old EU Tyre Labelling in accordance with EU regulation 1222/2009 (valid until November 2021)

Recommended application
Additional application

LI = Load index

The load index is a numerical code indicating the maximum load a tyre can carry.

SI = Speed index

The speed symbol shows the maximum speed permitted for the tyre under load.


Professional Offroad


Rim Protection

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