RI 128

The Falken RI 128 is our recommended tyre for regional transport applications. Tailored for use on truck trailers and low loaders, it carries the snowflake symbol and the FRT marking. Offering high mileage plus outstanding regrooving and retreading capabilities, the RI 128 is an ultra-efficient tyre choice.

Product Portfolio

  • 11 Sizes (1 High Load Size)

  • 17.5 – 22.5 Inches

  • Series 55 – 75

  • Speed index: J / K / M

EU Tyre Label Class

  • C – D

  • C

  • A – B

  • 67 – 71 dB

Regional transport


On- / Offroad

Long-distance transport

Buses / coaches


Product feature:
  • Very small sipes in groove walls

  • Placed along walls to create even stiffness distribution

  • Ensure even wear by added flexibility and cooling


Product feature:
  • Tyres designed with japanese engineering history

  • Highest quality of compenents essembled in ultra precision manufacturing process

  • Outstanding safety and endurance over the hole lifecycle plus multi retreading capability


Product feature:
  • Special designed tread compound

  • Controls the size and even distribution of carbon molecules throughout the compound

  • Enhanced fuel economy with longer tyre life

Available Sizes

Size LI/SI Mobility Technology MFS Info EU-Label Page
275/70R22.5 148/145M D C B 71 EU Label
385/65R22.5 160K(158K) D C A 67 FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) EU Label
385/65R22.5 164K(158K) C C A 67 High Load, FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) EU Label
385/55R22.5 160K(158K) C C A 67 FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) EU Label
215/75R17.5 135/133J D C A 69 FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) EU Label
235/75R17.5 143/141J D C A 69 FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) EU Label
245/70R17.5 143/141J C C A 67 FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) EU Label
245/70R19.5 141/140J D C A 67 FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) EU Label
265/70R19.5 143/141J D C A 71 FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) EU Label
285/70R19.5 150/148J C C A 67 FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) EU Label
275/70R22.5 152/148J D C A 67 FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) EU Label
Fuel efficiency°
External rolling noise°
Wet grip°
Value (expressed in dB(A)) for external rolling noise°

°In accordance with EU regulation 2020/740

Recommended application
Additional application

LI = Load index

The load index is a numerical code indicating the maximum load a tyre can carry.

SI = Speed index

The speed symbol shows the maximum speed permitted for the tyre under load.


Professional Offroad


Rim Protection

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