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Euroall Season VAN11

Our newest generation of ALLSEASON tyres for light trucks and vans

  • Optimised pattern stiffness for excellent directional stability and driving dynamics, shorter braking distances, high levels of grip and even wear

  • Our oscillating groove and sipe pattern generates reliable traction in snow and mud

  • High levels of wet grip and safety, with improved aquaplaning resistance

  • 4D-Nano Design technology

  • M+S and 3PMSF certified

Product Portfolio

  • 17 Sizes

  • 14 – 17 Inches

  • Series 55 – 75

  • Speed index: R / S / T / H

EU Tyre Label Class

  • C-E

  • A-B

  • 2

  • 71 - 72 dB

Wet Performance

Tread Life

Winter Performance

Low Noise



Product feature:
  • Intelligently designed tread pattern that adapts to all situations in order to enhance surface area

  • Optimised rib distribution, with large central straight rib

  • Pattern stiffness and footprint pressure distribution designed to create high mileage and even wear


Product feature:
  • Groove placement in midpattern area

  • Fixed transverse grooves and centrally staggered tread design intensify the compression energy exerted on the snow and mud, and enhance the self-cleaning effect

  • Reliable and consistent levels of traction in snow and mud


Product feature:
  • Symmetrical tread design with wide main grooves and numerous gripping edges

  • Large negative tread area efficiently channels away water and slush

  • High levels of wet grip and safety, with improved aquaplaning resistance

Available Sizes

Size LI/SI Runflat Rim Protection Info
195/75R16C 110/108T C B 2 71
205/75R16C 113/111R C B 2 71
215/75R16C 116/114R C A 2 71
225/75R16C 118/116R C A 2 71
175/70R14C 95/93T E B 2 71
215/65R15C 104/102T C B 2 71
195/65R16C 104/102T C B 2 71
205/65R16C 107/105T (103H) C A 2 71
215/65R16C 109/107R (106/104T) C A 2 71
225/65R16C 112/110R C A 2 71
235/65R16C 115/113R (115S) C A 2 71
235/65R16C 121/119R C A 2 71
195/60R16C 99/97H C A 2 71
215/60R16C 103/101T C A 2 71
215/60R17C 109/107T C A 2 71
235/60R17C 117/115S C B 2 72
225/55R17C 109/107T C A 2 71
Rolling resistance*
Wet grip*
Noise emissions*
Noise emissions in decibels*

*In accordance with EU regulation 1222/2009

Recommended application
Additional application

LI = Load index

The load index is a numerical code indicating the maximum load a tyre can carry.

SI = Speed index

The speed symbol shows the maximum speed permitted for the tyre under load.


Professional Offroad


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