Falken summer tyre receives top marks in the 2022 ADAC tyre wear test

The Falken AZENIS FK510 premium tyre has been awarded top marks in the 2022 ADAC tyre wear test, which examined the tyre abrasion particles produced by three summer and three winter tyres from 15 tyre manufacturers. The Falken AZENIS FK510 came first in the 225/40 R18 fitment category, while the Falken ZIEX ZE310 ECORUN came third in fitment 185/65 R15, contributing to Falken placing fourth overall.

Both Falken summer tyres have had repeated success in numerous independent tests, achieving ‘Very Good’ and ‘Good’ ratings for their performance. State-of-the-art 4D-Nano Design and Advanced 4D-Nano Design processes were used in the development of these tyres. The technology provides more accurate simulations of the molecular structure of the polymers in the rubber compound. This in turn enables Falken to positively influence the abrasion resistance and to develop tyres that deliver the highest possible driving safety while having a low environmental impact, as demonstrated in the ADAC tyre wear test.

The results revealed that the average tyre wear for both summer and winter tyres is approximately 120g per 1,000km driven; this average increases to 160g/1,000km in ultra-high performance tyres. With a result of 115g/1,000 km, the Falken AZENIS FK510 in 225/40 R18 stood out and achieved the lowest wear values in the category.

The Falken ZIEX ZE310 ECORUN achieved abrasion results of 71g/1,000km, which is 18g/1,000km below the average of tyres tested in fitment 185/65 R15. The result secured third place in the category for the Falken ZIEX ZE310 ECORUN.

Overall, Falken achieved an impressive fourth place amongst the 15 tyre manufacturers assessed by ADAC, with a combined average abrasion value of 114g/1,000km from its summer and winter tyres.

“Our team in Japan uses the latest tyre development technology and consistently focuses on tyre durability and safety in addition to rolling resistance. We are particularly pleased that our development work stood out in the summer tyre category and we were awarded fourth place overall. This autumn we will be launching a successor to the Falken EUROWINTER HS01, which will improve its wear properties and optimise its rolling resistance. With this we aim for improved winter tyre results in the next test,” comments Andreas Giese, Senior Manager Corporate Planning/Product Planning.

The full ADAC wear test is available on the ADAC website:

Further information on Falken technologies is available here:

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