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Falken starts the 2019 anniversary season with a new racing car

Falken Motorsports is starting the 2019 racing season with a new Porsche 911 GT3 R, which will be used alongside the proven BMW M6 GT3 at the Nürburgring. With the racing cars from two premium car manufacturers, the Japanese tyre brand is continuing its successful 20-year commitment to motorsports on the Nordschleife.

Citytower Offenbach with Falken Logo

The Falken Tyres logo now marks the top of the City Tower in Offenbach – helping to make the City Tower more striking, while confirming the tyre brand’s commitment to its business headquarters on Offenbach’s Market Square. For the next five years, Falken will occupy four floors of the City Tower as office premises for its 180 employees based in Offenbach.

Sustainable rubber production for Falken tyres

The sustainability and the quest for fair production are not new to the Sumitomo Rubber Group: the Group has long made efforts to improve the sustainability of its business activities. The primary focus here is on sustainably produced natural rubber, as the key raw material in the production of tyres.

FALKEN on the virtual Nordschleife at the RaceRoom Café

Screeching tyres, roaring engines and all the thrills and spills of the racetrack are on offer this weekend at Nürburgring’s RaceRoom Café in the hallowed halls of the Ring°Boulevard. But this 4h Race lets both drivers and fans stay warm and dry – it’s virtual!

Majestic victory for Falken at VLN final

A magnificent final for Falken at the Nürburgring: Klaus Bachler and Martin Ragginger crowned the Porsche 911 GT3 R’s farewell race with the second victory of the VLN 2018 season and duly said goodbye to the successful model into well-deserved retirement. Peter Dumbreck and Jens Klingmann scooped 15th place in the BMW M6 GT3.

Eurowinter HS01 “Good” in winter tyre tests by AUTO BILD sportcars

“Winter tyre with well-balanced driving characteristics in all weather conditions, short braking distances on snow and wet roads, comfortable ride characteristics and low price” are the strengths of the Falken EUROWINTER HS01 according to independent testers from the German auto magazine, AUTO BILD sportscars, in the November 2018 issue. The magazine tested winter tyres in size 245/45R18, choosing a 5 Series BMW as the test vehicle.

Fast, Faster, Falken

Falken continues to leave an ever-deeper impression on the VLN Endurance Champion-ship: third place for Peter Dumbreck and Stef Dusseldorp in the BMW M6 GT3 at the 58th ADAC Reinoldus Endurance race at the Nürburgring. The team’s great result was rounded off by tenth place for Martin Ragginger, Nick Tandy and Laurens Vanthoor during the Falken debut of the new Porsche 911 GT3 R.

EUROWINTER HS01 Auto Bild’s 2018 winter tyre test “Good”

Auto Bild has awarded the Falken EUROWINTER HS01 an overall rating of “Good” in its large-scale 2018 winter tyre test. After putting the tyre in size 195/65R15 through its paces on a VW Golf, the testers concluded: “Well-balanced winter tyre with safe, secure handling in snowy and dry conditions, superb safety reserves in aquaplaning and low price.

Falken continues in the fast lane

After romping to a double victory in the last race of the VLN Endurance Championship, Falken Motorsports is now heading for the next highlight: the team of the Japanese tyre manufacturer is the first customer team to provide a set of test tyres for tests of the new Porsche 911 GT3 R on the Nürburgring race track.

Tyre changeover season with attractive offers

For the eighth year in succession, tyre brand Falken is launching a special sales campaign for the tyre changeover season. From 15 September to 30 November 2018, customers purchasing a set of Falken winter tyres from participating dealers will receive a Shell prepaid card to the value of EUR 20 which they can use for fuel or shopping

Falken is partner of Audi Nines MTB

There’s no stopping us! Falken is continuing to support the Audi Nines and is also a sponsor of Audi Nines MTB. Held this week at Bikepark Idarkopf, the Audi Nines MTB attract the top mountain bikers to the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Historic Double Win for FALKEN

FALKEN celebrates a spectacular double win at the Nürburgring. Martin Ragginger and Klaus Bachler dominate the 41st RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen and win for the first time in the Porsche 911 GT3 R, ahead of their Falken team colleagues Stef Dusseldorp and Alexandre Imperatori in the BMW M6 GT3.

FALKEN “One Team, One Tyre, One Goal”

“One Team, One Tyre, One Goal” is the appropriate title of a new video produced by tyre brand FALKEN and showcasing the 2018 ADAC Zurich 24h-Race held on the Nürburgring race track.

WILDPEAK M/T – a FALKEN új terepi gumiabroncsai

A FALKEN abroncsmárka a WILDPEAK M/T típussal egy kiemelkedő terepi abroncsot vezet be, amely a legmostohább terepviszonyok mellett is nagyfokú vezetési élvezetet, biztonságot és megbízhatóságot nyújt.

A Sumitomo Tyres termékkínálata mostantól Európában is kapható

2017 vége óta a Falken második márkájának, a „Sumitomo Tyres“ termékeit is terjeszti. Az aktuális termékkínálat, – mely kiválasztott kereskedknél egész Európában kapható, – a személygépjármvek és terepjárók számára készült BC100 nyári gumikból és a speciálisan transzporterek és kisteherautók számára készült SL727 nyári gumiból áll.

FALKEN race cars play starring role in rapper video

The latest video by German-language rap star Kontra K turns the spotlight on an actor with a difference. Drift cars under the FALKEN banner take centre stage in the video accompanying “Oder nicht” (Or Not), the artist’s third single from the album “Erde und Knochen” (Earth and Bone), which was released last Sunday.

A Falken Tyre Europe bemutatja az új termékeket és technológiákat a kölni Tire Cologne vásáron

A Falken gumiabroncs-márka az „On the Pulse of High Technology” (Csúcstechnológia impulzusában) mottó alatt képviselteti magát a 2018. május 29-től június 1-ig megrendezésre kerülő kölni Tire Cologne szakvásáron. Ennek keretében széles termékkínálatot mutatunk be a személygépkocsiknak, sportcélú haszongépjárműveknek, könnyű tehergépjárműveknek és teherautóknak készült gumiabroncsokból.


The FALKEN AZENIS FK510 has been ranked first in the 2018 summer tyre tests carried out by German motoring magazine ACE Lenkrad in collaboration with the German Technical Inspection Association (GTÜ) and its Austrian partner organisation, ARBÖ. Falken's top-end tyre delivered the fastest time around the dry handling course, wet braking distance of less than 41 metres, extremely low drive-by noise and low rolling resistance to take the top spot.

The Prestigious Title of ‘Exemplary’ for the FALKEN ZIEX ZE310 ECORUN in the big Autobild Summer Tyres Test

“New summer treads with very good safety margins when aquaplaning, good steering precision and stable lateral guidance on a dry track, short braking distances in both wet and dry conditions, high mileage", these are just some of the qualities attributed to the FALKEN ZIEX ZE310 ECORUN which have been confirmed by the editors of the big Autobild Summer Tyres Test 2018, who have awarded it the prestigious title of 'exemplary'.