A “Good” rating for the Falken EUROALL SEASON AS210 in the all-year tyre test by AUTO BILD

When driving all-season tyres it is possible to save up to 815 euros; this is because the need for an extra set of winter tyres, the steel rims, the mounting and balancing as well as the storage are all omitted – such was the view of the testers in this year’s all-season tyre test in edition 39 of AUTO BILD magazine, which has been available since 29th September.

The range of available all-season tyres is large and the testers looked at a total of 35 tyres in the 195/55R16 size. To qualify for the final test alone, the tyres were required to prove themselves on both a wet and dry surface: Tyres with total wet and dry braking distances of more than 98.8 metres from 100 km/h were not considered for further testing. This left 15 tyres which were put through their paces in additional tests.

With an overall score of 2.7 and a test rating of “Good”, in this test, the Falken EUROALL SEASON proved able to hold its own. Its good traction and short braking distances on snow, its safe aquaplaning characteristics and its high mileage were all praised.

The good result is no coincidence: The Falken EUROALL SEASON AS210 has its multi-directional sipe direction to thank for its good traction. The sipes adjust themselves to the direction of traction, thereby guaranteeing an optimum transmission of force and providing outstanding grip during handling in every weather, including snow. This positioning of the sipes also optimises the braking distances, especially on snowy roads. The Falken EUROALL SEASON AS210 has its V-shaped groove design to thank for its aquaplaning characteristics that were praised by the testers. This design provides for increased groove depth and therefore improved water flow, resulting in an optimum performance on dry and wet roads - as well as excellent resistance to aquaplaning. Mini-Groove tread grooves not only provide for improved handling, they also ensure an optimised abrasion pattern, which is good for both the environment and your wallet.

“This is the second good test result for our all-season tire this season,” said Andreas Giese, Chief Corporate Officer of Falken Tyre Europe, commenting on the test. “This tyre has convinced our customers and independent testers for a long time. The test once again demonstrates that we are well positioned for developing a good balance between performance and quality at a superb price-performance ratio, and that we never neglect the safety factor.”

The multi-talented tyre from Falken offers ease of use, comfort, safety and performance 365 days a year. The EUROALL SEASON AS 210 is available in 104 sizes, 13-20 inches in the 40-70 series speed categories T to W, and is approved as an “AS210A MO” model by Mercedes-Benz for the G-Class as part of the original equipment.

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