Destination Electric: What makes the tyre for electric cars so special?

Low rolling resistance combined with good wet grip, reduced rolling resistance and minimal CO2 emissions - these are the requirements for the tyre that has been specially developed for electric vehicles. However, these are properties that are also important for combustion tyres. So what makes a tyre for electric vehicles so special? What are the goals of the engineers and technicians behind the technology and what are the conflicting goals that keep presenting them with challenges? Can the modern tyre contribute to a better CO2 balance?

Falken experts will get to the bottom of these questions and more as part of the HUSS Conference Days, which will take place online from 1st March to 10th March 2023.

On 8th March, from 11:00 to 12:00,

Dr Bernd Löwenhaupt, managing director at Sumitomo Rubber Europe,

Jaap Leendertse, general manager PCR/SUV tyre development, also Sumitomo Rubber Europe, and

Philipp Wolz, product planner at Falken Tyre Europe

will share their expert knowledge as part of the HUSS Conference Days.

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Sumitomo Rubber sets higher targets to achieve carbon neutrality across the supply chain by 2030

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. has set new, higher emission reduction targets to achieve carbon neutrality throughout its supply chain by 2030. In addition, the company has increased the reduction of emissions from its own production facilities and suppliers, also targeted by the aforementioned date. Previously set targets have already been achieved ahead of schedule thanks to active efforts. The company will take further initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the supply chain in line with its long-term sustainability policy: "Driving Our Future Challenge 2050".