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New winter test track for Sumitomo Rubber Europe GmbH in northern Sweden

The test track that Sumitomo Rubber Europe GmbH (SREU) put into operation in Arnemark, northern Sweden, in December comprises two groomed snow areas, each approx. 15,000 m2, about three times the size of a football pitch, two snow handling courses, each 1,600 metres long, and a 600 metre long ice handling track.

In cooperation with the Finnish engineers at BD Testing, different tyres are put through their paces on the demanding course throughout the entire winter season.

One third of SREU's test team of 15 will be on site from December to March to evaluate newly developed tyres under extreme conditions. The test engineers are carrying out all the snow and ice testing in Arnemark with the Falken winter tyres intended for the European replacement business and the OE market. The tyres are being tested on the most common medium and premium vehicles.

"We are much more flexible and can drive tyre development forwards efficiently and thoroughly with our new test track," comments Dr. Bernd Löwenhaupt, Managing Director of Sumitomo Rubber Europe GmbH, on the commissioning, "It is not just that the test track is ideally suited to our purposes, but the excellent transport links and infrastructure have also impressed us."

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