All-new Falken SINCERA SN110 tyre sets the standard for wear and wet grip

Sincera SN110 brings premium wear and grip technologies and benefits to the mass market

Packed with technology in and under the surface, Falken’s new SINCERA SN110 car tyre aims to bring the wear and wet grip benefits normally found in top-of-the-range tyres to cost-conscious customers driving mass market cars. An A rating for wet weather performance underlines that the tyre doesn’t compromise on safety to achieve the wear benefits.

Available from the start of 2020 in 49 sizes for 14”-16” wheels, the SINCERA SN110 is suitable for mainstream cars such as Ford Fiesta, Hyundai i10/i20, VW Golf, Fiat 500, BMW 1 Series, MINI and many more.

An intensive two-year development programme by engineers has achieved double digit percentage gains in wet braking and driving dynamics over its predecessor, the SINCERA SN832 ECORUN, but also exceeds the wear life performance of benchmarked premium brands.

Engineers looked at every aspect of the tyre’s shape, construction and materials to meet the targets achieved. The lamellar flow and turbulence that generate fuel-sapping air resistance have been reduced by adopting an aerodynamic sidewall. Hemispherical ribs across the tread pattern ensure even contact pressure to reduce friction and improve mileage. A closed shoulder groove offers less distortion of the shoulder blocks to reduce braking distances. Meanwhile, flexible core sipes in the centre of the tyre maintain longitudinal rib stiffness to improve stability and grip, even on poor road surfaces prevalent in the UK.

Overall vehicle dynamics, particularly in wet conditions, is where some of the biggest improvements were made by the development teams, which are based in Germany and Japan. Falken’s trusted and proven Advanced 4D-NANO design process was used to identify at nano-scale the optimum rubber compound needed to achieve traction and grip on wet and dry roads whilst maintaining wear rates.

“SINCERA SN110 is a major milestone for Falken as it brings some of the most advanced tyre technologies to the mainstream cars that many of us drive,” says Markus Bögner, COO and President of Falken Tyre Europe. “Improvements achieved through the latest technology, will be available to all. With such a compelling offering, we expect that the SINCERA SN110 will be a popular choice for dealers and end users alike.”

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