Falken launches 2022 fuel voucher campaign

To coincide with the start of the tyre refitting season, Falken is once again launching its popular fuel voucher campaign. Customers who choose a set of Falken summer tyres between 15th March and 31st May 2022 from the AZENIS FK520, AZENIS FK510, AZENIS FK510 SUV, LINAM VAN01, ZIEX ZE310 ECORUN, ZIEX ZE914, WILDPEAK A/T or SINCERA SN110 series (starting from 16 inches) will get an Aral SuperCard® for shopping and fuel with a value of €20 from Falken as a “thank you” gift in Germany. On top of this, Falken is giving away prizes with a value of more than €10,000 during the promotional period: five PlayStation®5 game consoles and 77 Gran Turismo™ 7 games for the PlayStation®5, as well as 25 €100 Aral SuperCard® vouchers.

The promotion is now in its eleventh consecutive year and is increasingly popular with both retailers and customers. Not only has the number of participating specialist retailers steadily increased, the number of participating countries has, too. This year, the sales campaign kicks off in some 14 different countries in March.

The participating retailers will be equipped by Falken with numerous materials to promote the promotional campaign. These include columns with prefilled brochure dispensers for the retail space, posters, as well as additional high-quality advertising materials. For the first time, Falken has also provided participants with a download area for online advertising materials. Here, it is possible to download banners, for example, which can then be easily used on the homepage or social media channels, etc. The submission of invoices for participating in the campaign is now being completed exclusively online – which not only saves postage, but also conserves paper resources.

The promotional periods and the fuel cards are adapted to the needs of customers in the participating countries and can therefore vary from country to country. The campaign is taking place in the following countries in addition to Germany and Austria: Belux, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

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